Federal Trade Commission Privacy and Identity Theft Resources

By DON Privacy Team - Published, March 25, 2016

Your personal information is a valuable commodity. It's not only the key to your financial identity, but also to your online identity. Knowing how to protect your information — and your identity — is a must in the 21st century. Here are some tips and resources from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to doing it effectively.

FTC Consumer Information Privacy and Identity


  • Limiting Unwanted Calls and Emails
  • Computer Security
  • Kids' Online Safety
  • Identity Theft

Report Identity Theft and Get a Recovery Plan


  • Tell us what happened.
  • Get a recovery plan.
  • Put your plan into action.

FTC Identity Theft


  • Data Breach? Lost Info?
  • Protecting Your Identity
  • Free Resources for Your Community
  • For Law Enforcement
  • For Attorneys and Advocates
  • For Businesses

FTC Scam Alerts From the present back to 2012

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