Updated DON SSIC Manual Available

Published, August 19, 2008

The recently signed SECNAV Manual M-5210.2: Department of the Navy Standard Subject Identification Code (SSIC) Manual specifies filing and record maintenance procedures and provides SSICs for the DON. The SSICs are the standard system of numbers and letter symbols used throughout the DON for categorizing departmental documentary material by subject. SSICs serve as the taxonomy for all departmental records.

An SSIC is required on all DON records, including, but not limited to, letters, messages, directives, forms and reports. Only approved SSICs will be assigned; however, expansion of the system for filing purposes is authorized following the procedures contained in Chapter 3 of this manual.

The manual is to be used in conjunction with SECNAV Manual M-5210.1: Department of the Navy Records Management Manual, dated November 2007. The records management manual describes specific DON records and provides disposition schedules for them.

For further assistance or to offer comments and recommendations concerning this manual, contact the appropriate office delineated below:

For the Navy, contact the Navy Records Manager (CNO/DNS-5), 720 Kennon St. SE, Bldg 36, Room 203, Washington DC 20374, (202) 433-4217, DSN 288-4217.

For the Marine Corps, contact the Marine Corps Records Manager (ARDB), 2 Navy Annex, Room 1212, Washington DC 20380-1775, (703) 614-2311, DSN 224-2311.