DON IT Conference, East Coast 2015

Jun 17-18, 2015

Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Md

The Department of the Navy Information Technology Conference has been rescheduled for June 17-18, 2015, and will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md. No conference fee will be assessed, but registration is required. The DON IT Conference is typically held in fleet concentration areas on the West Coast and East Coast each year to minimize cross-country travel by participants. Additionally, conference sessions will be available via DCO.

UPDATE (6/15/15): The DON CIO Town Hall, scheduled to take place June 18, has been rescheduled to begin at 8:45 AM, and end at 10:00 AM. The DUSN (M) town hall has been cancelled and several other sessions on the same day have been slightly adjusted as a result. The updated schedule can be downloaded below.

The purpose of the DON IT conference is to:

  1. Explain the new and invigorated DUSN (M), DON/AA, and DON CIO organization and its business and IT transformation priorities.
  2. Share information that supports the SECNAV's vision laid out in the DON Transformation Plan to achieve business transformation priorities, leverage strategic opportunities, and implement DON institutional reform initiatives by changing the culture, increasing the use of data-driven decision-making, and effective governance.
Senior speakers primarily from the DUSN M/DON CIO, Navy and Marine Corps organizations will share information and provide training on DON IT and business transformation areas. The conference will provide the face to face reinforcement, clarifying information, and the ability for the DON IT community to engage and ask questions about newly established policies and processes.

The DON IT Conference is open to all DON, government, military and support contractor personnel. Military participants should wear the uniform of the day for all events. Civilians and contractors should wear appropriate business attire.

Approval for the conference by DON AA was predicated on the following: rental cars are not authorized for those traveling by air and attendees must use the lowest cost travel options in booking their flights and accommodations. Attendees must remember to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars when attending this event, and request approval for travel and attendance from their individual commands. Due to travel restrictions in place to minimize overall conference costs to the DON, registration for attendees in a TAD status is limited.

The tentative conference schedule is available for download below. Please note: The schedule is subject to change at any time so please check back for updates.

The signed approval memo is also available for download below.

Continuing Education Units

The following DON IT Conference sessions each qualify to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) for sustainment of Department of Defense mandated certifications. Final acceptance of CEUs is at the certification provider's discretion.

  • DON Privacy Program Overview

  • Mobility in the DON

  • Knowledge Management Track

  • DON Financial Statements, Audit and the IT Community

  • Industrial Control Systems
Defense Connect Online (DCO) Meeting URLs and Teleconference Numbers:
  • Sessions in Room 321:
    DON TRACKER; DON Privacy Program Overview; Navy RMF Implementation; DON IT Portfolio Management; Naval Enterprise Networks Cybersecurity Update; Knowledge Management Track

    Teleconference #: 218-936-7552; passcode: 1321#

  • Sessions in Room 322:
    Naval Enterprise Networks - The Network and Service Delivery Today & Tomorrow; Mobility in the DON; DUSN M Business Ops IT Lessons Learned; Data and Innovation in the DON; Innovation Cell; Industrial Control Systems;

    Teleconference #: 218-936-7552; passcode: 1322#

  • Sessions in Room 324:
    Enterprise License Agreements; DITPR-DON & DADMS Existing User Policy and Tech Refresh Updates; Navy Enterprise Business Solutions (Navy ERP Update and EPS); Taskforce Cyber Awakening; DON Financial Statements, Audit and the IT Community; ITPR Process Improvement and Status Update; Navy Perspective on JIE/JRSS Implementation; Cloud Computing Policy Update & Panel

    Teleconference #: 218-936-7552; passcode: 1324#
Bus Transportation

A charter bus will be available for transportation to and from the DON IT Conference in Baltimore for those who reserved a seat in advance. The bus will pick up riders at the Pentagon no later than 6:45 AM June 17 and 18, and will pick up riders from the Baltimore Convention Center no later than 4:00 PM both days.

The bus pick up location at the Pentagon is South Parking (exit through corridor 2). The bus will be an Advantage Tours bus, and a DON CIO POC will be standing beside the bus with a "DON IT Conference" sign.

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