New BlackBerry Security Settings Take Effect

By Enterprise Services Management Team - Published, February 29, 2008

Stronger and improved security settings were implemented for all NMCI BlackBerry devices in February. These settings comply with mandatory security policies to protect the devices from unauthorized access and to change features that pose potential security vulnerabilities.

Content protection, to comply with DON data at rest guidelines for personal digital assistants (PDAs), has been activated, which encrypts the data on the BlackBerry device and has a slight impact on response time as the data is encrypted/decrypted.

Users are now required to have a minimum five-character password, containing at least one alpha and one numeric character. This password must be changed every 90 days. After five unsuccessful attempts to enter the password, the BlackBerry will be locked and all information will be erased. Users who need to restore their BlackBerry device should contact the NMCI Help Desk (1-866-THE-NMCI).

Highlights of other changes include:

  • Content Protection: “Caller ID” will not display when device is locked
  • Lock and Erase Feature: user has 5 attempts to enter password correctly
  • Owner Name and Information Field: user can update and modify
  • BB Connected to USB Cable: user can make and receive calls
  • Pin-to-Pin Messaging: encrypted and unencrypted capability allowed
  • Instant Messaging: not allowed (including BB Messenger)
  • Blackberry Maps: are now allowed
For a complete list of all changes affecting NMCI BlackBerry devices, as well as the corresponding details and impacts of those changes, go to the NMCI BlackBerry Device Security Settings user tip in the Training section of the NMCI Homeport web site.

NMCI BlackBerry security settings are based on the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) “Wireless Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) BlackBerry Security Checklist v5, Release 2.1” (Nov. 15, 2007), with additional guidance from the USN Designated Approval Authority, USMC Designated Approval Authority and Department of Navy Chief Information Officer.

For additional questions, please contact the NMCI Help Desk (1-866-THE-NMCI).

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