HP TRIM Help Desk

Published, September 16, 2014

The authorized repository for SECNAV and CNO records is HP Total Records Information Management (TRIM).

If you need assistance in using TRIM or accessing its records please contact the HP TRIM Help Desk-DRMD: TRIM_USER_HELP_DESK@navy.mil, Anthony Schlim, (703) 601-0823, anthony.schlim.ctr@navy.mil or James Jones, (703) 601-0824, james.m.jones2.ctr@navy.mil.

Department of the Navy Assistant for Administration Directives and Records Management Division (DON/AA DRMD) is responsible for the management of the DON's legacy Electronic Records Management Solution (ERMS), TRIM, which is in current compliance with OMB Directive M-12-18 requirements. For Records Management questions contact: DON_RECORDS_MANAGEMENT@navy.mil.