DON's APQC Membership Provides Wide Range of Services

Published, August 11, 2014

Fast Fact IconThe Department of the Navy's membership with the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) includes access to an online research library, the Knowledge Base, which provides valuable information and assistance in four functional areas: Knowledge Management, Financial Management, Human Capital Management, and Supply Chain Management. ...

The Knowledge Base provides DON members with self-service access to benchmarks, best practices, case studies, improvement tools, and templates targeted to specific functional areas to assist with decision making and planning. With this membership, DON employees have full access to APQC's wide range of services. Anyone with a or email account can obtain an APQC user account by visiting the APQC website [LINK:]. Then, click on "Register online with APQC." From there, fill-in the boxes and follow the prompts.

APQC is a member-based research organization specializing in process and performance improvement. Special thanks are due to NAVSEA NSWC Port Hueneme for assisting in activating the DON's account.

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