Information Assurance Scholarship Program

Published, August 24, 2012

The Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP), authorized by Chapter 112 Title 10 United States Code, is designed to increase the number of qualified personnel entering the information assurance (IA) and information technology fields within the Department. It also serves as a mechanism to strengthen the IA infrastructure through grants, while assisting the Department in addressing emerging IA/IT issues, and as a retention tool for military and civilian personnel.

The IASP serves as a multifaceted program institutionalized within DoD to bring in and retain a corps of highly skilled IA/IT professionals (military and civilian) to accommodate the diverse warfighting and unique mission requirements, while providing incentives to strengthen IA/IT research and education in critical areas of interest to the Department.

The IASP consist of three related parts:

  • Scholarships for non-DoD students: Civilian appointments (or opportunities to join the military or reserves) are provided for undergraduate (junior/senior year), graduate and PhD students at universities designated by NSA as Centers of Academic Excellence (CAEs). Scholarships are awarded to students via a grant award to the CAE University. CAEs are responsible for establishing a scholarship program and related support systems.

  • Grants to schools: CAE proposals for program participation may also request funding for research, faculty and curriculum development and laboratory improvements to help develop institutional capacity for strong IA educational programs. Grants also will be used to support critical areas of interest to the DoD in the areas of IA and IT.

  • Scholarships for DoD personnel: CAEs also may propose a partnership with the Information Resources Management College (IRMC). This grants military and civilian IRMC graduates up to 15 academic credit hours that transfer toward either a master's or PhD degree at a partnering CAE. Civilians and military students also incur an obligation to continue in DoD employment for a period to be determined by their Component. The program also allows scholarship opportunities for military and civilian personnel to pursue IA graduate degrees at the Naval Postgraduate School and the Air Force Institute of Technology.
For details on how to apply for a scholarship, please see the attachments below.

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