Update Your NMCI GAL Info Via milConnect

Published, April 14, 2014

Fast FactDid you know that to update your contact information in the NMCI Global Address List (GAL) you must first update your Defense Enrollment and Eligibility Reporting System information via milConnect?

In August 2013, The Department of the Navy established its first-ever, fully synchronized USN/USMC GAL. The DON NMCI GAL allows USN/USMC personnel to quickly locate contact information to send emails. The GAL contains contact information for users from both services. This enables a seamless use e-mails between the Navy and the Marine Corps.

In addition, the DON NMCI GAL is now synchronized with and updated via the DoD Enterprise Directory Services (EDS), a suite of products and services that securely provides DoD Enterprise identity and contact attributes.

More information on EDS can be found in the DoD Memorandum, "Mandating the Use of Department of Defense Enterprise Directory Services (EDS)," of Jan. 23, 2013. A technical description of EDS is available at http://iase.disa.mil/idam/eds/.

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