What is an Enterprise License Agreement?

Published, July 15, 2013

Fast FactLast month, the Department of the Navy awarded a DON Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) for Oracle software that is expected to save over $60M across the Future Years Defense Program. But what is an ELA?

An ELA is a contract between an information technology vendor (hardware or software) and an organization. ELAs are typically granted for terms ranging from three to five years. Organizations typically pursue ELAs with vendors with which they spend a large amount or have wide deployments of that vendor's technologies to ensure that they meet mission requirements at the lowest possible cost. Under such an agreement, the DON pays the vendor one fee for one license that encompasses all the products and/or services the DON purchases, rather than paying for individual licenses in piecemeal fashion.

The five-year ELA with Oracle supports DON information technology efficiency efforts by consolidating procurement of all Oracle software across the department. This ELA, awarded to Oracle reseller DLT Solutions, gives the DON unlimited use of the following core products: Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, five Database Options (Data Base Life Cycle Management, Advanced Security, Diagnostics Pack, Tuning Pack, and Partitioning), and WebLogic Suite. All DON organizations are required to use this agreement when purchasing these Oracle products. Click here for more information on the Oracle ELA.

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