Toner-Efficient Fonts Can Save Millions

Published, March 8, 2013

One way to save money on printing is by using one of the three "toner-efficient fonts" approved by the General Services Administration (GSA). But what are these fonts and why are they cheaper to use?

Century Gothic, Garamond and Times New Roman are fonts that have been approved by the GSA as toner efficient. Different fonts use different amounts of ink to print. Using an efficient font could save the Department of the Navy and the entire government millions of dollars per year in ink purchases alone, according to GSA.

For example, the Arial font is often the default or standard font on many computers. But Arial requires more ink to print than other toner-efficient fonts, such as the three approved by GSA. Use of Century Gothic, Garamond and Times New Roman fonts can save up to 30 percent on printing costs.

To change the default font setting in Microsoft Word select "Change Styles" from the "Home" tab tool bar. Then select the desired font and click "Set as Default." To change the fonts in PowerPoint, select "Fonts" from the "Design" tab and select the desired font.

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