Multifunctional Devices Save Money, Space, Energy

Published, February 11, 2013

Fast Fact IconIn the "old days," most offices probably had a piece of equipment for each administrative function – printer, fax machine, copier, etc. Today, many still do, but these functions are increasingly done by one device – known as a "multifunctional device," or MFD. Combining these functions into one device saves money, energy and resources. Additionally, MFDs take up less space in the office and can be a more secure platform, as many are capable of encrypting data.

As part of its mission to achieve greater IT efficiencies and cost savings in the Department of the Navy, the DON Chief Information Officer has established a mandatory enterprise-wide policy to improve management and use (including procurement and disposal) of the department's networked and stand-alone copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners (CPFSs) and combine these functions into MFDs. The policy, issued in the Jan. 25 memo, "Mandatory Guidance Regarding Management of Depart of the Navy Copiers, Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners and Multifunctional Devices," is expected to improve how the department manages and uses its CPFSs and MFDs, resulting in substantial savings for the DON.

The policy leverages the efficient procurement and managerial capabilities of Defense Logistics Agency Document Services. The memo establishes DLA Document Services as the single provider of office document devices enterprise-wide. This encompasses about 70,000 Navy and Marine Corps devices. The policy relieves DON activities of administrative requirements for contracting, supplying and managing their office document devices by shifting those responsibilities to DLA Document Services, which has the necessary experience and support infrastructure in place.

This policy applies to all DON commands and activities and is effective immediately.

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