Privacy Training FAQs

By DON CIO Privacy Team - Published, October 26, 2012

Privacy training should be completed by all Department of the Navy personnel (i.e., civilians, military and contractors) no later than Aug. 31 of each year.

The DoD-approved online personally identifiable information (PII) training course can be accessed through Navy Knowledge Online and is the preferred method. After logging into NKO, select "e-Learning online courses" under the Learning tab. The PII course will be one of three mandatory courses listed halfway down the page. In either case, ensure that you document your training by printing a certificate and providing it for audit purposes to your privacy or training representative. The online course is also available to Marine Corps personnel.

Does the required annual PII training apply to contractors?

Yes, all contractors who have potential access to PII must also complete the PII training and have a record of completion on file. Contractors are subject to the same provisions as Federal employees and military members under the Privacy Act.

How do I satisfy the annual training requirement if I do not have access to NKO?

Those who cannot access NKO may take the online PII course. The course posted on NKO is still the preferred course and should be the one taken if the option exists.

What other privacy-related resources are available?

This website includes additional resources that are tagged "privacy." as well as a list of DoD, DON and other Federal websites.

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