Suspension of Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE)

By Don Privacy Team - Published, November 20, 2018

AMRDEC SAFE (SAFE) was recently taken off line with all services suspended indefinitely. The SAFE technical team disabled the widely used site after discovering technical issues that warranted this sudden action. It is uncertain, though probably unlikely, that the necessary resources will be directed towards the restoration of SAFE services.

Until a permanent replacement can be made available, ARL SAFE, is available for large file transfer and for FOUO; however, use of the site to transfer PII/PHI is prohibited. As there is no approved commercial or government online solution for transmitting PII/PHI, users shall use DoD/DON approved methods to transmit PII/PHI such as encrypted email, FAX, U.S. mail and courier services.

The following precautions must be employed when using ARL SAFE:

a) ARL SAFE file transfers are for unclassified data only.
c) Non-PII FOUO data may be transferred but must be meet be encrypted using 256 AES encryption standards before uploading. WinZip offers AES-256 encryption capability. Passwords must be at least 15 characters with appropriate complexity and shared by an alternate means by sender and recipient(s).
d) DoD use of ARL SAFE has significantly increased since SAFE was taken offline; there is no guarantee of ARL SAFE’s reliability, stability, or performance. It should be used only when other approved methods are not practical.

DON personnel are reminded of their responsibility to safeguard PII in accordance with policy and best practices.

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