Sea Warrior Supports Afloat Sailors Through Modernized Business IT

Published, July 23, 2012

Fast FactAfloat business information technology is a large part of the Sea Warrior Program's portfolio. Currently under the umbrella of Navy distance support, the program provides and maintains the IT infrastructure and capabilities to provide at-sea logistics as well as technical and training support to afloat units. ...

Navy distance support deploys a number of applications on a single shipboard software suite, called the Navy Information/Application Product Suite, that:

  • Helps mitigate bandwidth limitations by having software applications run locally on the ship.
  • Allows applications to store data and transactions and then transmit the data ship-to-shore when network access is limited or intermittent, by scheduling transmissions during off-peak times and also by allowing data transfers to start again where they previously ended when connectivity was lost.
Navy distance support also includes customer relationship management (CRM), which includes communications media, contact centers, a directory and network of service and support providers, websites, an action reporting (and tracking) IT system and associated fleet customer advocacy provisions. Currently, the Navy distance support CRM is being rebranded to Navy 311. This easy-to-remember, single point of entry for any issue will simplify the ashore reach-back capability available to the fleet.

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