State-of-the-Art NMCI Laptops Help NRC Recruit Tech-Savvy Youth

Published, May 25, 2012

Fast Fact IconThe Navy Recruiting Command (NRC) worked with the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) program office to deliver a highly capable tablet-style laptop to support their quest to recruit today's tech-savvy youth. Recruiters' use of state-of-the-art technology helps convey the fact that today's Navy knows how to effectively utilize current and modern information technology. ...

To fully support the needs of the Navy Recruiter Corps, the new mobile recruiter laptops were custom-configured to support the recruiters' mission as well as to be highly capable in hardware computing power. These capabilities included:

  • Built-in WiFi and 3G broadband radios
  • Tablet form factor to support taking candidate applications in the field
  • Strong security, including full-disk encryption and Department of Defense Common Access Card enabled
  • Electronically configurable and maintainable via the Internet
Working with the NRC, NMCI began equipping recruiters with a convertible laptop, one in which the screen can swivel 180 degrees to function as a tablet with touch screen capabilities while retaining the full computing power and functionality of a traditional laptop. It comes in a kit with a printer, scanner, speaker and rolling case.

"The capabilities of the Mobile Recruiter solution have allowed us to complete double the tasks in literally half the time, boosting production and improving morale by allowing recruiters to shorten the average workday, all while saving countless dollars in travel and man hours," Naval Aircrewman 2 Mickey Blasingame reported.

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