Records Management Web-Based Training Courses Available on NKO

Published, March 20, 2007

Four web-based records management training courses have been developed and are available on Navy Knowledge Online (NKO).

All Department of the Navy (DON) personnel are required - by law - to properly manage their official records. Records are any materials that provide documentation of the DON’s operations, functions, policies, procedures, decisions, and other activities. Records can be in any format – paper, electronic, photograph, videotape, DVD, etc. Many records are now electronic files, and e-mail can most definitely be considered records.

Every command has the responsibility (per Secretary of the Navy Instruction 5210.8D, 31 Dec 05) to make sure that all personnel who create and use records are properly trained to ensure compliance with the DON Records Management (RM) Program. With computers at nearly every desk and work station, this includes the vast majority of DON personnel, whether they are military members, government civilians, or contractor support.

Four web-based training courses have been developed and are available on NKO:

  • Records Management in the DON: Everyone’s Responsibility;
  • DON Records Management: Advanced Topics;
  • TRIM Context via the NMCI (Entry);and
  • TRIM Context via the NMCI (Advanced).
To access the courses, log on to NKO (, under Learning, select Navy e-Learning, select Browse Categories, select Department of the Navy (DON) Training, and select the DON Records Management training subcategory. Once the course is completed, course certificates can be printed through the transcript window of each user’s NKO e-learning account.
These courses provide an excellent understanding of RM and TRIM Context. Additionally, Records Management in the DON: Everyone’s Responsibility fulfills the annual requirement to remind all DON personnel of their RM responsibilities. These exceptional training assets will strengthen every command’s records management program.