Mandatory Use of DON Enterprise Licensing Agreements

Joint DON Memo - Publish Date: 02/22/12

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The purpose of this joint memorandum is to announce the mandatory use of Department of the Navy Enterprise Licensing Agreements (ELAs) by all DON organizations and programs to achieve maximum cost savings. Effective immediately, where a DON ELA exists, any software products, hardware and related services offered by that ELA must be procured using that ELA, including those procured by government purchase cards. Further, this policy establishes business rules that apply after a determination has been made that a product meets a validated need, based on technical requirements consistent with procurement regulations. Once the determination has been made, this policy establishes use of the enterprise vehicles as the means to procure the product.

The following CAC-enabled site has related DON ELA policies as well as links to the Navy Microsoft Ordering Guide, Marine Corps IT Procurement Process Overview, DON Chief Information Officer, Navy, and Marine Corps POCs and associated contact information, etc: PMM110 ESL Portal Site.