Robert Marcial Receives Spectrum Leadership Award

Published, February 3, 2012

Robert Marcial received the John J. Lussier Electromagnetic Spectrum Leadership Award in recognition of his superior performance as chief, Pacific Joint Frequency Management Office, Pacific Command (PACOM), during the Department of the Navy Information Technology Conference, Jan. 24, in San Diego. DON Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen and DON Deputy CIO Navy Janice Haith presented the award.

Marcial was honored for his visionary leadership and foresight in identifying critical spectrum-related requirements in the Pacific Area of Responsibility (AOR) and developing innovative solutions to those requirements.

In 2011, Marcial headed the Pacific Joint Frequency Management Office through some of the most tumultuous months in PACOM's recent history. His leadership during PACOM's relief efforts for Japan during Operation Tomodachi (initiated as a result of the earthquake and tsunami) ensured that spectrum control was complete and thorough, removing impediments that threatened to delay the relief effort.

The ultimate result of this effort was Mercury, the world's first multinational online spectrum coordination tool. In its first year of development, Mercury is set to become a local standard for spectrum planning in disaster-relief operations by nations in PACOM's AOR. Marcial's significant contributions also include leadership initiatives such as improved spectrum education and awareness, coordination activities with senior-level foreign nation military personnel, and spectrum processes and policies that benefit all DON commands within the PACOM AOR.

The John J. Lussier Electromagnetic Spectrum Leadership Award is named for the former DON Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer who lost his courageous battle with cancer in June 2009. Lussier was an advocate for protecting the DON's equities in the electromagnetic spectrum and advanced the DON's strategic vision for spectrum. This award is presented to an individual who demonstrates superior achievement in Navy and Marine Corps electromagnetic spectrum management and use.

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