First of its Kind “Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Support Tools” Webpage Provides Comprehensive Product Listing in One Place

Published, December 17, 2020

To provide a comprehensive listing of available spectrum analysis and simulation tools in one location and reduce duplication of effort in software development, the Department of Navy Chief Information Officer Spectrum Team has compiled a comprehensive listing of products available across the Department of Defense.

The "Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Support Tools" webpage listing includes capabilities, features, and points of contact, providing DoD spectrum workforce end-users with information regarding a wide range of Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) tools available to them. The tools listed can assist in effective EMS analysis and decision making, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) mitigation modeling, Aggregate Interference (AI) modeling, and RF risk management.

Previously, knowledge of such existing EMS management software tools was available only through ad hoc vendor presentations, shared efforts between organizations, and word of mouth, leading to software development efforts for a capability that may already be available in an existing tool. With this listing, DoD spectrum end-users can review and assess currently supported tools available for use as well as tools that exist but are not supported and therefore not recommended. This capability offers the opportunity to significantly reduce the time and costs inherent in software development duplication of efforts.

In accordance with OMB M-16-21, "Federal Source Code Policy - Achieving Efficiency, Transparency, and Innovation through Reusable and Open Source Software" of 8 August 2016, and the Under Secretary of the Navy memorandum of 5 June 2018, "Ensuring Efficiencies in Spectrum Supportability Software Source Code Development," source code for the currently supported tools listed on this site shall be made available on request in order to reduce duplicative development.

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), a central scientific, research, and engineering information support activity for DoD, hosts the “Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Support Tools” portal. All information in this tools portal is provided solely for civilians and contractors of the Federal Government, including DoD, and is prohibited from public release. Inclusion in this tools listing is for information only, and does not imply or convey endorsement by the DON CIO. The DON CIO is also not responsible for the possibility of malware at vendor sites associated with the tools listed. All software end-users should exercise standard best practice precautions in procuring spectrum support tools and services.

For additional information or questions regarding this portal, contact Wosen Eshetu, The following link will take you to the "Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Support Tools" portal.*

*Access to this DTIC site requires a valid DoD-recognized client certificate (smart card). If you have not already registered on the DTIC website, you will be provided with the link to do so in order to access the tools portal.

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