DON Announces Strategic Intent for Naval IT Infrastructure Portfolio Review

Published, December 14, 2020

The Department of the Navy has released a memo that states a Naval IT Infrastructure Portfolio Review will be conducted to better understand the DON's IT infrastructure inventory, bring greater corporate accountability and transparency to the execution of the over $4B annual budget, and implement a key recommendation identified in the 2018 Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Cybersecurity Readiness Review - identify key cyber terrain.

The purpose of the review is to identify potential courses of action to improve the value produced by the substantial annual IT spend in order to reinvest in IT priorities and return funds to the broader DON. The results of this review will inform decisions on the future Naval IT service delivery model and prioritization of effort to attain it.

The Department of Navy Information Superiority Vision lays out a path to secure the warfighting advantage that is centered around three key objectives: (1) Modernizing Our Infrastructure, (2) Innovating & Deploying New Capabilities, and (3) Defending Our Information. However, the Navy and Marine Corps are currently not fully networked or interoperable with each other, the Department of Defense, or our mission partners. To that end, the recently signed memo, "Strategic Intent for Naval Information Technology Infrastructure Portfolio Review," lays out the DON's strategic intent in taking the next step towards Modernizing Our Infrastructure. The portfolio review will consist of cross-functional teams empowered to collect data related to current requirements, capabilities, and resources and to produce prioritized deliverables around an inventory, an assessment, a model, and recommendations.

The memorandum was signed by the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (ASN) for Research, Development, and Acquisition, the ASN for Financial Management Comptroller, and the DON Chief Information Officer.

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