Department of the Navy Electromagnetic Battle Space Governance Board Charter

DON CIO Memo - Publish Date: 09/23/20

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This memo describes how the DON CIO has chartered the first Electromagnetic Battle Space Governance Board, responsible for oversight and guidance in developing and implementing DON Electromagnetic Battle Space strategy, policy, and doctrine.

SUBJECT: Department of the Navy Electromagnetic Battle Space Governance Board Charter

References: (a) SECNAVINST 2400.3, Electromagnetic Battle Space, 8 October 2018
(b) DOD Directive 3610.01, Electromagnetic Spectrum Enterprise Policy, 4 September 2020
(c) SECNAVINST 5430.7R CH-2, Assignment of Responsibilities and Authorities in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, 17 December 2019
(d) DoD Digital Modernization Strategy, DoD Information Resource Management Strategic Plan FY 19-23

Enclosure: (1) Electromagnetic Battle Space Governance Board Charter

The Department of the Navy (DON) recognizes the Electromagnetic Battle Space (EMBS) as the operational battle space comprising all electromagnetic radiation used by military forces. Reference (a) establishes DON policy to enable operational superiority in the EMBS by implementing an enterprise approach to all activities necessary for DON Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO). The EMS Enterprise is the combination of DON policy, governance, organization, equipment, procedures, doctrine, information, facilities, training, and materiel necessary to conduct EMSO (reference (b)). Per reference (a), this enterprise approach includes establishing a governance board to serve as the DON’s senior EMS policy and governance forum and advisory group. Enclosure (1) establishes the DON EMBS Governance Board (GB) in accordance with the guidance and authorities in references (a), (b), and (c).

The EMBS GB is empowered to function as both a decision making body and an advisory forum, providing oversight and guidance in the development and implementation of EMBS strategy, policy, and doctrine. As the DON’s primary advisory body on all DON EMBS initiatives, the EMBS GB will:

  1. Advise the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, and Commandant of the Marine Corps (or designated subordinate commands) on required modifications to and establishment of policy to address Department of Defense (DoD) mandated and DON EMS Enterprise-level issues.
  2. Maintain insight into EMBS and EMS Enterprise matters to ensure that, from strategy and investment perspectives, the DON is developing policy that maintains or enhances operations, and that DON EMBS strategic investment guidance supports the warfighter and remains aligned with reference (d).
  3. Recommend EMBS materiel and non-materiel operational capability priorities as proposed by the Service EMBS components.
  4. Seek opportunities to maximize effectiveness in spectrum workforce capabilities, and provide guidance regarding current and future training opportunities to the Spectrum, Electronic Warfare, Signals Intelligence, and Cyber occupations.
  5. Establish EMBS integrated project teams (IPTs), Cross Functional Teams (CFTs), and other working groups as needed.
The EMBS GB membership shall be composed of senior Navy, Marine Corps, and Secretariat level stakeholders who bring the knowledge and authority required to address EMS Enterprise issues and render decisions. When execution authority exists with Principal member organizations of the board, the EMBS GB will function as an executive level decision body that will review and direct modification to, or approval or disapproval of, applicable DON EMS enterprise initiatives. In instances where statutory responsibility exists outside of the Principal membership of the board or elsewhere in the Department (e.g., Service Forums, DoD initiatives), the EMBS GB will function as an executive level advisory body, providing recommendations to the responsible individuals and/or organizations. The EMBS GB shall also consider and address any implications to the DON from EMS Enterprise matters discussed at DoD, Federal, national, and international forums.

Enclosure (1) establishes and summarizes the responsibilities, membership, and operating principles of the DON EMBS GB. This charter will expire at the discretion of the EMBS GB Chair and Vice Chairs.

Signed by:
Aaron Weis

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