DON CIO Issues Guidance Accelerating 5G Broadband Deployment

Published, May 14, 2020

Mr. Aaron Weis, Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer, has signed a memorandum giving Navy and Marine Corps Installation Commanders (COs) the ability to accelerate 5G broadband deployment on DON property. COs now have the option of significantly reducing the time for broadband service activation by granting an interim authority to radiate (IATR) if an ongoing electromagnetic interference (EMI) analysis is delaying deployment.

There has been an increase in EMI analysis requirements with the influx of broadband deployment activity on DON property since the DON’s 2016 memorandum "Streamlined Process for Commercial Broadband Deployment." This additional activity, coupled with existing military system EMI analysis requirements, can create a backlog of EMI cases. This policy provides specific circumstances in which an IATR can be granted, as well as the responsibilities assumed by the Installation CO and the broadband provider.

Read "Commercial Broadband Deployment Interim Authority to Radiate."

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