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Published, February 26, 2019

SAFE (Safe Access File Exchange) is back in service and can be used to securely transmit files containing personally identifiable information (PII). SAFE should be available for the next six months. At that time DISA intends to have implemented a new DoD enterprise solution, replacing SAFE.

SAFE allows users to send up to 25 files securely to recipients within the .mil and .gov domains. The files can total up to 2GB in size.

SAFE was originally designed to provide Army Missile and Research, Development and Engineering Command (AMRDEC) employees and those doing business with AMRDEC an alternate way to send files. The Department of the Navy has confirmed with AMRDEC that SAFE may be used by DON personnel to transfer files.

Anyone (including individuals outside the Department of Defense) may use SAFE to send files to recipients with a .mil or .gov email address. However, only users with a valid DoD Common Access Card (CAC) may send files to other addresses such as .com

FOUO files and files containing personally identifiable information may be transferred using SAFE. For privacy information, recipients will be notified that the data they are about to download is protected by the Privacy Act and that the recipients are responsible for its protection in accordance with DoD guidelines and policies.

With SAFE any form of files, including zip files, may be sent to anyone with a valid email address. When transferring multiple files, it is recommended that files are zipped before sending them and that the file names are concise. However, they should be descriptive enough so that recipients will know exactly what they are receiving and for what purpose.

After uploading files, the originator receives an email with the subject "AMRDEC Safe Access File Exchange Submittal Notice." The email provides the originator a link and password/PIN to check the status of the files.

Recipients receive an email with the subject, "AMRDEC Safe Access File Exchange Delivery Notice," which states that they have been given access to a file along with a file description, a password/PIN to retrieve the file, and a link that will direct recipients to pick the file up. This email also provides the date that the file(s) will be deleted. The deletion date is specified by the originator of the file transfer. The default expiration date is seven days from the upload date, and the maximum expiration date is two weeks from the upload date. SAFE is for transferring files, not long-term storage.

SAFE can be accessed at the following URL:

Click on the first link, assuming you have a CAC. Fill in the template. Answer all questions.

At the point at which you provide email addresses, type the email address of each recipient one at a time, clicking "Add" after each address. This will create your distribution list for this file transfer. The password/PIN you receive is for limited use for this file transfer only up until the file expiration date.

Consult the Help link at the top of the web page for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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