General Records Schedule

By DON CIO KM/RM Team - Published, April 21, 2009

General Records Schedules (GRS) are issued by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to provide disposition authorization for records common to several or all agencies of the Federal Government. GRS cover records documenting administrative, or housekeeping, functions, rather than program functions. Most records described in a GRS are temporary, although the GRS also includes the disposition of some records that are permanent.

Posted below is a copy of the current GRS, in a word-searchable document, as well as a separate GRS index.

It is hoped that these documents will assist Records Managers, Records Management Personnel and Information System Program Managers with identifying and applying records schedules to electronic records and information systems. Per OMB Circular 130-A and NARA Bulletin 2006-02, "NARA Guidance for Implementing Section 207(e) of the E-Government Act of 2002," any system containing electronic information that meets the definition of a Federal record (see 36 CFR §1222.12 for detailed definitions) must be scheduled by Sept. 30, 2009.

Keep the following in mind when applying a GRS:

  • GRS authorities are normally mandatory.
  • When a command holds a record covered by the GRS or the SECNAV Manual 5210.1, but the retention period is inappropriate for the situation, the command must request an exception by submitting an SF-115 for a different retention period.
  • When a command holds a record type that is not listed in either the GRS or SECNAV Manual 5210.1, the command must submit an SF-115 to schedule that record type.
Points of contact for assistance in complying with this requirement are:

Office of the Secretary of the Navy
Navy Records Manager
720 Kennon St. SE Bldg 36, Room 203
Washington, DC 20374
Commercial (202) 433-4217
DSN 288-4217

Marine Corps Records Manager
2 Navy Annex Room 1212
Washington, DC 20380-1775
Commercial (703) 614-2311
DSN 224-2311

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