Memo Articulates DON EA Near-Term Strategy

Published, March 13, 2009

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer recently signed out the DON Enterprise Architecture (EA) Strategy Memo, a first in a series of memos, to articulate the near-term strategy for continued development of the DON EA. The memo establishes direction to ensure alignment of all DON, Navy and Marine Corps programs and initiatives to the Joint Staff developed Joint Capabilities Areas.

The DON EA will be developed incrementally, with close coordination between the DON CIO, ASN(RDA)CHSENG, DON Deputy CIO (Navy), DON Deputy CIO (Marine Corps) and the DON Chief Management Officer (CMO). Critical tasks identified in the strategy memo include development of:

  • A DON EA governance process for compliance, and establishing and enforcing DON EA standards and policies;
  • An abstract layer of the DON EA to provide senior leaders insight into the contents of the EA;
  • A DON EA management process to ensure EA efforts align to strategic goals and objectives of the Department;
  • A DON EA repository, developed concurrently with a policy to mandate its use, to support the discovery and sharing of authoritative EA products and information;
  • A Secretary of the Navy instruction to sustain the development of the DON EA.
The DON EA Strategy Memo also identifies the value of ensuring that the DON EA be focused on supporting the major decision processes of the DoD and DON, such as the Defense Acquisition Systems, Program, Planning, and Budget Execution, and Joint Capability Integration Development Systems (JCIDS) processes.

The DON EA Strategy Memo is applicable to all in-process and future DON architecture development efforts that provide or maintain DON, Navy and Marine Corps capabilities, including associated standards developed under or incident to programs, projects, capabilities, systems and initiatives.

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