OMB Information Collection Number

Published, March 2, 2009

An Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Information Collection Number is required when collecting information from 10 or more members of the public in a 12-month period and is used in completing the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Template.

If the information technology system in question meets this criteria, contact the Department of the Navy's Forms and Reports Manager at (202) 433-2835 to determine if the number is required and to initiate the process. The process to obtain the number can take up to six months.

The following excerpt is from "The Department of the Navy Forms Management Manual, SECNAV M-5213.1."

Information Collection Forms: In many instances forms are also requests for information and are subject to information collections (reports) control. Information collections control falls into three categories: public, interagency and internal information collections (reporting).

a. Public Reporting.
(1) Forms requiring information from 10 or more persons not employed by the Federal Government are considered public information collection (reporting) requirements and collection of this information must be approved by OMB. Contractors employed by the DON, DON dependents and retired DON personnel are considered members of the public. Forms sponsors having a form falling in this category must prepare the necessary paperwork for OMB approval and provide this information to the command’s Information Collection Control Manager who shall submit the paperwork through the chain of command to the SECNAV/OPNAV forms manager who shall submit the paperwork through Office of the Secretary of Defense/Washington Headquarters Service to OMB for final approval.

NOTE: OMB notifies Congress of unauthorized public information collection (reporting) requirements and Congress then informs the agency or department that is in violation of OMB regulations to immediately take appropriate action to discontinue collecting the information.

(2) After OMB approval is obtained, the OMB control number and the expiration date (if one is assigned) of the control number must appear in the upper right corner of the form. If OMB disapproves the collection of information, the form will not be used to request information from the public.

NOTE: The OMB control number is assigned to the collection of information from the public only, not to the form itself. The expiration date, therefore, applies only to the collection of information from the public, not to the collection of information from government employees. For example, if 90 percent of the information on the form is collected from government employees and 10 percent is collected from the public, after the expiration date the action officer must discontinue collecting the information from the public but may continue collecting information from government employees, if still required.

(3) OMB approval lasts for a maximum of only three years so large quantities of stock should not be ordered if the stock will not be used by the public before the expiration date.When the OMB approval number has expired the information cannot be collected from the public until the forms sponsor again goes through the approval process for an extension to continue collecting the information.

NOTE: If the only change to the form is the new expiration date and large quantities of stock are still available, the old expiration date may be crossed out and the new expiration date added by pen.

(4) OMB requires that an Agency Disclosure Notice (ADN) be displayed on all forms requiring an OMB Control Number and that the ADN be written across the form immediately below the form title and the OMB control number. The ADN used by DOD may be obtained from the Information Collections Control Manager.

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