SECNAV M-5239.2 Significantly Revises DON Cyber/IT Workforce Policy

Published, June 30, 2016

SECNAV Manual 5239.2, "DON Cyberspace IT and Cybersecurity Workforce Management and Qualification," was signed by the Secretary of the Navy on June 27, 2016. The manual updates Department of Navy workforce policy and responsibilities to support the DON's transition from the Information Assurance Workforce Program to the new DoD Cyberspace Workforce structure.

This document revises and reissues SECNAV Manual 5239.2, "DON Information Assurance Workforce Management", and is effective immediately. In addition to identifying major changes to the DON Cyberspace IT/Cybersecurity Workforce (Cyber IT/CSWF) Management and Qualification Program, it updates and clarifies the position and personnel coding process, sets qualifications criteria, and establishes program management procedures. The manual also details the cybersecurity training required by all DON authorized users and the specific qualifications required by personnel identified as "Core" Cyber IT/CSWF.

Also addressed in the manual is a Cyberspace IT and Cybersecurity Workforce Module developed for use within Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS) that will provide the ability to identify and track personnel, positions and status. This new TWMS Cyber IT and CSWF module will be available for the Navy on 22 July 2016. The module for USMC will be coming soon.

The Navy and the Marine Corps will soon release guidance announcing their implementation plans. All pertinent Navy documents will be posted to the NAVIFOR CSWF page.

All pertinent Marine Corps documents will be posted to the HQMC C4 CY SharePoint portal.

View the manual.

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