GSA Awards BPA for Credit Monitoring Services

Published, September 8, 2008

The U.S. General Services Administration awarded Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) to assist Federal agencies in protecting the confidentiality of personal credit and payment information, as well as providing a fast and effective solution for Federal agencies needing commercial-off-the-shelf credit monitoring services, according to its web site.

The BPAs were awarded to Equifax, Inc. based in Atlanta, Ga., Experian Consumer Direct of Irvine, Ca., and Bearak Reports, a small, woman-owned firm in Framingham, Mass.

In the wake of recent incidents that threatened the confidentiality of personal information, this action by GSA will allow Federal agencies to take advantage of significantly reduced unit pricing and volume discounting available through these agreements. They can also select different levels of credit monitoring services depending on the degree of vulnerability, risk and protection.

The BPAs also eliminate separate contracting and open market costs that result from separate agencies searching for sources, developing technical documents and solicitations, and evaluating offers. Significantly reduced pricing, strong oversight and reporting, and excellent customer service from these commercially available credit monitoring services are now available on a government-wide basis.

The BPAs do not obligate funds. There is no limit on the dollar value of task order purchases made under the BPA. BPA vendor numbers are as follows:

  • GS-23F-06-E3-A-0013 Bearak Reports (Woman-Owned, Small)
  • GS-23F-06-E3-A-0014 Equifax Inc. (Large)
  • GS-23F-06-E3-A-0015 Experian Consumer Direct (Large)
The GSA point of contact for the above BPAs can be reached at: (202) 501-1231.

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