DON CIO’s Fumie Wingo Receives 2016 Federal 100 Award

Published, March 16, 2016

Fumie Wingo, the DON CIO Lead for International Spectrum PolicyOn February 8, 2016, Fumie Wingo, the DON CIO Lead for International Spectrum Policy, was named as a 2016 Federal 100 Award winner for her outstanding performance in international spectrum policy negotiations and diplomacy. As the DON’s senior international electromagnetic spectrum strategist, Ms. Wingo is responsible for influencing international treaties, U.S. Government policy, and DoD spectrum governance to ensure worldwide electromagnetic spectrum access for U.S. Navy and Marine Corps forces.

The award citation specifically noted her diligence in coordinating, preparing, and successfully advocating for U.S. positions on critical issues in preparation for the International Telecommunications Union’s World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC). Her efforts influenced U.S. spectrum stakeholders to adopt positions supporting the DON’s strategic spectrum goals. The FED 100 awards honor government and industry leaders who make a difference in federal IT.

The other Department of the Navy FED 100 Award recipient was: Scott Dunlap, Product Development Group Manager/Principal Assistant Program Manager for Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education for the Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems, PMW 240 Sea Warrior Program.

Congratulations to DON’s two FED 100 award winners!

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