Handbook Provides Cyber Crime Prevention Tips

Published, July 28, 2008

DON Cyber Crime HandbookThe recently released Department of the Navy Cyber Crime Handbook provides an overview of the definitions, criminal techniques, electronic laws, incident reporting and responses regarding cyber threats to DON personnel and the Department's global network infrastructure.

The handbook provides readers with the “Golden Rules” to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime and to mitigate the effects of a successful attack, such as using strong passwords and backing up important files. It also explains terms such as phishing and vishing, and the techniques criminals are using to obtain sensitive information, including spamming, spoofing and pharming. In addition to highlighting related Federal laws and departmental policy, it also details the roles and responsibilities of the commands that are charged with cyber security. For those who find themselves victim to one of these criminal techniques, there are step-by-step reporting instructions.

The handbook is a result of a joint effort by the DON Chief Information Officer, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Command, and Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command.

If there is suspicion that the Department’s information infrastructure has been attacked via intrusions, malicious code, denial of service, unauthorized access, or any other criminal activity, contact the nearest NCIS field office.

For additional information, go to the Ask an Expert section of the DON CIO web site and submit a question to the Information Assurance team.

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