How to Remove Your PII From Public Websites

Published, May 15, 2015

The attached document was created by the Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) C4 Cybersecurity Division as a result of the increasing threat from adversaries both domestic and abroad to the physical security of our military personnel and their family members. The guide contains detailed instructions on how to remove information about oneself from public people searching websites.

It is recommended that individuals be proactive in following the instructions contained in the guide in order to provide protection for themselves and their family members as appropriate. Please note that this document is not an all-inclusive list of websites, but rather the most commonly known/used ones. We encourage individuals to follow the principles and basic instructions in this guide to search and remove information on sites that are not included in this list. This guide can also be found on

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Guide for Removal of PII from Public Sites PDF 154 KB
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