Secure Your Social Media Presence

Published, October 20, 2014

Fast Fact IconAttempted intrusions into DoD networks by spear-phishing or a social media based attack occur frequently. While it is legal to access social media sites from your DoD computer, there are precautions that you should take to make both your personal information and our government networks safe from attack. ...

In recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, some tips from the FBI on securing your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus are available for download below. If you feel that the security controls on these "tips cards" are too restrictive to your social presence, you are free to choose lesser levels of security for your individual settings. However, if you do choose to deviate from the recommended controls, please consider the implications of reducing security and consider whether it could compromise your personal information, DoD operational security, or any DoD information, especially personally identifiable information (PII).

Though social networking sites vary in function, these do’s and don’ts are universal for all:

  • Establish and maintain connections only with people you know and trust. Review your connections often.
  • Assume that ANYONE can see any information about your activities, personal life, or professional life that you post and share.
  • Ensure that your family takes similar precautions with their accounts; their privacy and sharing settings can expose your personal data.
  • Avoid posting or tagging images of you or your family that clearly show your face. Select pictures taken at a distance, at an angle, or otherwise obscured. Never post Smartphone photos and don’t use your face as a profile photo, instead, use cartoons or avatars.
  • Use secure browser settings when possible.

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Facebook Tip Card PDF 636 KB
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