Navy COOL Offers Certification Opportunities

Published, July 28, 2014

Fast Fact IconDid you know... Navy COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) provides funding for initial certification exams and annual maintenance fees for enlisted service members, officers and Department of the Navy civilians?

Navy COOL is a centralized, web-based hub that consolidates information from numerous sources at the federal, state and local levels on certifications, licenses, apprenticeships and growth opportunities that correspond with each Navy rating, job and occupation. Navy COOL has provided funding for Navy personnel to obtain civilian licenses and certifications that are closely aligned with job or rating. The site is divided into sections for enlisted service members, officers and DON civilians. It also contains information on education and training resources, veterans’ resources and information to translate Navy knowledge to civilians.

Things you should know about Navy COOL:

What? Navy COOL offers Navy Personnel the opportunity to earn civilian certifications and licenses corresponding to their Navy ratings and occupations (i.e., collateral duties and non-rating-specific work).

Why? Professional credentialing acts as an integral part of the Navy's new Enlisted Learning and Development Strategy, and is integrated into every enlisted Learning and Development Roadmap (LaDR). It improves advancement opportunities and helps motivate our best Sailors to stay in the Navy. By improving force readiness through initiatives like Navy COOL, Navy Personnel are given another key to career success that will benefit them while they are employed by the Navy and beyond.

When? Every Navy rating has at least one professional credential available to its Sailors, and more than 1,850 civilian certifications are now funded. Sailors are encouraged to take advantage of this program as soon as they can. It makes for a more professional Sailor, a better Navy and a stronger nation.

Other COOL data points:

  • Navy COOL has funded over 100,000 credentials for Sailors (active duty & reserves) since October 2007
  • Navy COOL has funded credentials for Sailors in all enlisted Ratings and pay grades
  • Navy COOL funds for credentialing exams (certifications & license exams), maintenance fees, and application fees
  • Navy COOL does not fund for training, study guides, or preparation materials
  • The Navy COOL website has had over 215 million hits since its launch in June 2006
  • The overall pass-rate for Sailors (active duty & reserve) taking exams funded by Navy COOL is 94.6 percent (well above the national average of 70-85 percent).

Visit the Navy COOL website, and take advantage of these opportunities.

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