DON Information Management Study

By Thomas Hicks - Published, July 11, 2014

Thomas Hicks, DON CIO (Acting)In today's rapidly evolving environment, the information technology, management processes, and administrative functions of the Department of the Navy are becoming increasingly integrated. All major indicators portend that reliance upon data systems and access to information will be even more critical in the future than it is today. To ensure the DON is properly organized to thrive in this complex environment, we are in the process of conducting a 30 day strategic assessment of DON information management processes and an organizational assessment of Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy Management and DON CIO.

The end result of this effort will be a blueprint for an effective cross-functional organization, based on sound management principles, that enables agility and pushes us to innovative ways of better accomplishing the DON's mission and strategic goals.

TAGS: CIO Authorities, Efficiencies

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