NGEN: The DON's Path To The Joint Information Environment

Published, June 30, 2014

Fast Fact IconNGEN enables the logical evolution of the DON's Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) to the mature, comprehensive enterprise network that will be required by the Joint Information Environment (JIE).

NGEN, which will include both CONUS and OCONUS networks, incorporates significant lessons learned from NMCI that fit into JIE's overall goals, including:

  • Centralized IT management: transparency of IT costs and asset tracking; centrally managed software delivery for a standardized desktop for all users; common standards for application rationalization and modernization and data center optimization.
  • A single enterprise security standard: centrally managed/pushed security updates to ensure improved defense against intrusion attempts and malware attacks; ensured continued access to secure, net-centric data and services for Navy and Marine Corps personnel;
  • Continuity of operations, with demonstrated recoverability in the event of disasters;
  • Transition to an environment that provides the necessary authorities for increased command and control, improved situational awareness, and the ability to maneuver the network in accordance with Commanders' intent.
The DON's success in establishing and maintaining NMCI has contributed to the planning and development of JIE. In fact, DON IT efficiency efforts address major JIE issues, including network normalization, data center consolidation, identity and access management, single security architecture, enterprise services, and governance. As the "next generation" of NMCI, with its associated successes and lessons learned, NGEN is primed to meet the overall goals of JIE.

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