DON CIO Issues Timeline for Virtualizing Systems, Applications

Published, August 26, 2013

Fast FactIn a time when every dollar counts, the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer continues to look for innovative and efficient ways to reduce costs. One of those efficiency efforts is "virtualization." The process of virtualization allows multiple operating systems and applications to be run on a single physical server, reducing operational costs and improving flexibility within an existing information technology infrastructure.

Virtualization, like other ongoing IT efficiency efforts such as system/application rationalization and data center consolidation, is a priority in the DON because of its cost-savings benefits and efficiency.

The July 29 DON CIO memo, "Server, System, and Application Virtualization,” requires the Navy, Marine Corps and DON Assistant for Administration (DON/AA) to submit plans for virtualization of all servers and server-based systems/applications by the end of fiscal year 2017. This timeline enables a graduated approach to virtualization that will run parallel with other efficiency efforts such as system/application rationalization, standardization, and data center consolidation.

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