DON to Evaluate Transition to Hosted Virtual Desktop

Published, August 2, 2013

With the effects of sequestration still being felt, the Department of the Navy continues to look for innovative ways to decrease information technology spending. One cost saving possibility under evaluation is the Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD). With HVD, instead of software loaded onto a computer, a network-centric virtual desktop is provided from a data center, giving the user increased flexibility, mobility, productivity and security. It also offers the additional benefit of an improved network user experience.

Other benefits associated with HVD include, but are not limited to:

  • Allowing the user to access HVD and files stored on the network from any non-NMCI CAC-enabled device
  • Centralized security patching and updating
  • Reducing requirements for onsite technical support
  • Increased security achieved by establishing a secure, non-persistent operating environment for both Government-Furnished Equipment (GFE) and non-GFE (i.e., does not allow processing, storing, transmitting, or receiving persistent information to the end user device)
Infrastructure supporting the DON HVD pilot will serve up to 7,500 users. Until this limit is reached, all NMCI seats eligible for technical refresh under the Continuity of Services Contract will be evaluated for HVD suitability and transitioned as appropriate. All transition efforts must be coordinated and agreed upon between the NMCI program office and the appropriate Echelon II Command Information Officer. Maximizing this pilot will allow the DON to fully evaluate functionality, costs, and risks associated with HVD.

Read the HVD memo.

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