Oracle Software Enterprise License Agreement Signed

Published, June 18, 2013

On June 13, 2013 the Department of the Navy awarded a DON Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) for Oracle software that is expected to save over $60M across the Future Years Defense Program. The five-year agreement supports DON information technology efficiency efforts by consolidating procurement of all Oracle software across the department. This ELA, awarded to Oracle reseller DLT Solutions, gives the DON unlimited use of the following core products: Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, five Database Options (Data Base Life Cycle Management, Advanced Security, Diagnostics Pack, Tuning Pack, and Partitioning), and WebLogic Suite. All DON organizations are required to use this agreement.

Specific benefits of this Oracle ELA include:

  • Allows growth in license quantities for core products at no additional cost
  • Employs centralized authorization, ordering and payment, which enables accurate visibility of Oracle software usage and enables better forecasting of licensing costs
  • Provides unlimited data-sharing for all DON customers
  • Enables robust IT asset management that controls future costs and prevents over-buying
  • Positions the DON IT environment to achieve additional efficiencies and cost avoidance by being able to leverage emerging technologies such as virtualization
  • Offers non-core catalog software products for purchase at a minimum of 70% discount from Oracle list prices
  • Consolidates 350+ existing software maintenance agreements (which will be migrated at recompete points into this ELA), with support payments frozen through FY18
For more information, visit the CAC-enabled PEO-EIS website established for the Oracle ELA at: This site contains information pertaining to this DON Oracle ELA (e.g., blanket purchase agreement specifics, terms and conditions, frequently asked questions, ordering guide, and products list).

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