Double-Sided Printing Saves Money, Paper, Trees

Published, June 17, 2013

Fast FactPrinting in duplex (double-sided) mode saves the government money on paper costs and reduces the number of trees "consumed" by agencies. The estimated average savings is less than one cent per page, but that can add up to government-wide savings of $61 million annually, plus an estimated 546,850 trees saved.

In March, all Navy Secretariat and Chief of Naval Operations NMCI unclassified printer default settings were changed to print documents on both sides of the paper, as well with black ink using draft quality printing.

You can use duplex printing by making this option the default for each duplex-capable piece of print equipment (printers, copiers, or multi-function devices). To set this option, use the device menu to navigate to the default factory settings (also accessible through the network interface for networked devices) and change the document style setting to duplex. Also, IT personnel can ensure that default print settings on user machines are set to duplex.

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