Higher Visibility of IT Budget Reflects More Accurate Spending

Published, November 26, 2012

Fast FactTo enable greater transparency into IT spending, the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer has recategorized several overly used categories, or "buckets," in the DON information technology budget database, Naval IT Exhibits/Standard Reporting (NITE/STAR). The positive effect of this action is already paying off.

The more appropriate "binning" of IT spending enables significantly higher transparency and data-driven decision making. For example, prior to the updated NITE/STAR categories, 21 percent of the Navy's budget was recorded under Line 13 (Other Costs, Commercial). Today, with the line item revisions being instituted by NITE/STAR, that percentage has dropped to 4.5 percent. This enables the Navy to have far more visibility of its IT budget and more accurately reflect where its IT money is being spent. Similarly, over the same period, the Marine Corps decreased its reporting of Line 13 items from 51 percent to 23 percent.

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