Navy DCC Task Force Reaches Significant Milestone

Published, November 5, 2012

Fast Fact IconAs the Data Center Consolidation (DCC) and Application Rationalization efforts move forward, a significant milestone was recently reached. The Navy DCC Task Force, formed in the first quarter of fiscal year 2012, has successfully completed 17 of 19 planned site consolidations. As part of the effort, the Navy moved more than 100 systems into Navy enterprise data centers.

Through the establishment of robust policies and migration plans, the Navy DCC Task Force has increased the efficiency of the Navy's information technology assets to save resources by consolidating data centers, virtualizing servers, and increasing hardware utilization. The Task Force has increased the security of the Navy's data by working closely with the Office of Designated Approval Authority to ensure systems have the proper documentation, system vulnerabilities are mitigated, and data is protected. The Task Force has further enhanced data center operations and services by developing a Data Center Service Catalog and Enterprise Rate Card for SPAWAR Navy Enterprise Data Centers.

The Data Center Service Catalog and Enterprise Rate Card is a comprehensive mechanism that will allow users to select and assess data center service offerings and make it easy for consumers of cloud services to compare providers' offerings in a formal, normalized manner. It will also drive consistency of the service obligations and the units of measurement for services. In simple terms, the catalog and rate card will give cloud users the information they need to make apples-to-apples comparisons of service offerings and prices.

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