Labels for Electronic Devices Containing Hard Drives

Published, November 5, 2010

Department of the Navy electronic storage media processing, copying or storing classified and/or controlled unclassified information (CUI) is subject to the requirements of DTG 221633Z AUG 10: "Processing of Magnetic Hard Drive Storage Media for Disposal" and shall be safeguarded commensurate with the level of information stored until destroyed.

Because most individuals do not realize the extent to which hard drives are now used in copiers, multifunction devices, facsimile machines, as well as desktop and laptop computers; the amount of information, including all types of sensitive information, that can stay resident on the hard drive long after copies have been made or faxes sent; and the methods that can be used to delete or overwrite this information, a best practice is to label each device as to whether it contains a hard drive and reference the policy that provides the hard drive disposal/destruction process.

These label suggestions can be tailored to a particular device and sized to work with various commercially available labels/stickers. Attaching the appropriate label to a device should help prevent hard drives that may contain sensitive information from leaving governement control, resulting in fewer DON personally identifiable information breaches.

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