DON Enterprise IT Abbreviated Standard BCA Template

Published, July 20, 2012

To better enable the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer and stakeholders to address the Under Secretary of the Navy's direction to improve the efficiency of the department's information technology and cyberspace-related procurement and business processes using business case analyses (BCAs), the DON Chief Information Officer established an abbreviated BCA template.

The DON Enterprise IT Abbreviated Standard BCA Template (A-BCA) is in addition to the DON Enterprise IT Standard BCA Template as promulgated and revised by the DON CIO memos of April 15, 2011, and June 30, 2011, respectively.

The purpose of the A-BCA is to foster efficient and effective communications of cost-savings ideas to the DON CIO and other leadership, from all sources, including DON personnel, industry and academia, by providing a shorter and more condensed cost-savings focused format. The A-BCA focuses on the critical elements of a BCA, including a brief discussion of the problem statement; proposed scope; key assumptions, constraints and risks; costs, savings and other benefits; and operational impacts. It does not require the same level of analytical rigor as the full business case analysis but should still be based on facts, evidence and reasonable assumptions.

The A-BCA does not replace the DON Enterprise IT Standard BCA Template. Rather it is meant to be a faster, more efficient start to a structured cost-savings conversation.

Suggestions and comments to improve the DON A-BCA are welcome. Please submit them via the Contact Us form.

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