What is the Status of DON Data Center Consolidation?

Published, March 12, 2012

Fast FactBoth the Navy and Marine Corps are assessing the data centers in existence today and consolidating appropriate centers to achieve efficiencies and realize savings. To ensure the data center consolidation streamlines operations, reduces overall costs, and maintains the high level of security, the Navy and Marine Corps are moving forward with a thoughtful plan that will achieve significant savings through fiscal year 2017. …

The Navy established a Navy Data Center Consolidation Task Force to assess the current state and close as many data centers as feasible across the entire Future Years Defense Program (FY12-FY17). The task force is assessing the Navy's inventory of data centers to develop a consolidation plan and timeline. The list of data centers to be closed in FY12 is expected to be released in March 2012.

The Marine Corps is evaluating local computing centers and isolated server hosting facilities for opportunities to consolidate. The Marine Corps plans to complete regionalization of IT infrastructure assets into its four enterprise and seven regional data centers. The Marine Corps Enterprise IT Services Center in Kansas City, Mo., has opened and will be the centerpiece of the Marine Corps data center consolidation strategy.

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