How Will DON Data Center Consolidation Cut Costs?

Published, March 5, 2012

Fast Fact IconCurrently, the Department of the Navy has approximately 150 data centers that were established to meet the needs of individual organizations. This has resulted in a complex and duplicative network structure. Data center consolidation will reduce server requirements and merge the hardware residing in many data centers into fewer, more modern and efficient enterprise data centers. It will also virtualize DON applications and systems to reduce server requirements. Virtualization enables one server to act as many. …

With data center consolidation, the DON will see reductions in facility space; electricity consumption; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; and system acquisition and deployment costs. In support of this, the DON CIO released formal data center consolidation policy in July 2011. It states that before purchasing additional data center capacity, the DON must determine that there is no existing storage capacity and it is less cost effective to use an existing DON-owned Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Navy Marine Corps Intranet, or Marine Corps enterprise or regional data center. The DON will expand into these DON-owned data centers first. The DON will expand into DoD or commercial data centers if they meet DON data center standards at a cheaper rate.

Consolidating DON data centers makes sense for the DON in its quest to save money and transform business IT. It is also mandated by President Obama's green initiatives, which reduce federal spending through a reduction in energy use and real estate footprint; and the Office of Management and Budget's Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative.

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