Information Enterprise Governance Board is Established

Published, March 28, 2011

The Department of the Navy Information Enterprise Governance Board (IGB) was established March 1 to serve as the Department's single, senior information management, information technology/cybersecurity and information resources management (IRM) policy and governance forum. This executive board serves in both a decision-making and advisory capacity.

The IGB is chaired by the DON Chief Information Officer and includes Navy, Marine Corps and Secretariat level stakeholders. The IGB will review, direct modification, approve, or disapprove DON IM, IT/cyberspace and IRM enterprise initiatives. The board replaces the Information Leadership Council and Information Executive Committee.

Information is a Department-wide strategic asset, and the Department relies on it to effectively and efficiently conduct its missions. As a result, decisions regarding IM/IT/cyberspace and IRM are critical to the Department's success. A well-defined and aligned governance structure supports successful decision making and ensures accountability, responsibility, and proper management and oversight of this key resource. The IGB will work to ensure that information policy supports the DON operational environment, is achievable under realistic resource constraints, and enforceable across the enterprise. The board's activities will result in policy that minimizes and mitigates risk to the DON's operational environment.

View the DON Information Enterprise Governance Board Charter.

For more information about the IGB charter contact Geoff Sheffer, director of investment management for the DON CIO;

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