2011 DON IM/IT Excellence Award Winners Honored

Published, January 31, 2011

Eight teams and four individuals were honored for their outstanding contributions to excellence in information management/information technology during the Department of the Navy Information Technology Conference, Jan. 25, in San Diego.

The annual DON IM/IT Excellence Awards recognize IM/IT projects, teams and individuals that have helped to transform the Navy and Marine Corps through information technology.

DON Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen, Col Jim Dillon, USMC C4, and Janice Haith, OPNAV N2/N6, recognized the following teams and individuals for their hard work and dedication to furthering the DON's IM/IT strategic goals.

Naval Sea Systems Command's Naval Surface Warfare Command, Corona Metrology Bench-Top (METBENCH)/METBENCH Calibration Management System (MCMS) Development Team: for creating a net-centric enterprise solution to address both afloat and ashore calibration management challenges.

Space and Naval Warfare Command's PEO C4I Web Presence Improvement Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Team: for consolidating PMW 160's website infrastructure, which resulted in a savings of $3.48 million over the Future Year Defense Plan.

Naval Sea Systems Command's Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport Vulnerability Analysis and Reporting System (VARS) Tool Team: for tools that perform seamlessly to provide more accurate and efficient audits of computer networks for vulnerabilities. This implementation has resulted in enhanced information assurance, computer network defense, critical infrastructure protection and identity management. The amount of time required to scan the system and generate reports has been dramatically reduced from approximately 10 hours to 1 hour with a more accurate output.

Naval Air Systems Command's Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Research, Development, Test and Evaluation to NMCI Boundary 3 Community of Interest/Service Delivery Point Transition Team: for in-service support in the form of enhanced capabilities and weapons integration for Navy and foreign military F/A-18 customers to the NMCI network for data transport. This resulted in a projected cost avoidance of $700,000 per year.

The Navy Reserve Force Command N6 Team: for the 400 person MobiKey Identity Based Access pilot, which provides secure access to NMCI resources anytime from anywhere in the world using a non-NMCI Internet-enabled Windows-based PC. Also recognized for the Navy Reserve Wi-Fi initiative, which is the first-known, wide-scale deployment of commercial Wi-Fi in the Navy. It provides access to Common Access Card-enabled applications necessary to complete the Navy Reserve mission at a fraction of the expense of equipping each Selected Reserve member with NMCI hardware assets.

Naval Air Systems Command's Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Electronic Warfare/Mission Planning IT Support Team: for enhancing warfighter capabilities while improving total system performance and affordability. This technology has been deployed to the desktop, generating a savings in excess of $600,000 in annual IT costs, while reducing security risk and asset management requirements, and improving IT deployment schedules.

Marine Corps Systems Command's Systems Team: for creating the Ammunition Automated Information Systems portfolio, which ensures a stable supply of ammunition to Marines in combat.

Naval Sea Systems Command's Naval Undersea Warfare Division, Keyport Advanced Skills Management (ASM) Team: for developing a highly efficient and effective training management system that enhances warfighter readiness. Cost savings resulting from other communities adopting ASM instead of building their own system is estimated to be at least $11 million.

CAPT Scott Weller, Program Manager, Navy Marine Corps Intranet, PEO-EIS: for his superior leadership and tireless drive to ensure the Navy Marine Corps Intranet continued to provide a highly reliable and secure information technology network during the transition to the Continuity of Services Contract. Also recognized for the server virtualization effort, which reduced the network's IT footprint by 40 percent, carbon emissions by 7,000 tons, electricity costs by $1.6 million per year and the technology refresh budget by $1 million.

Diana Latham, Activity Chief Information Officer/Information Assurance Manager, Surface Combat Systems Center, NAVSEA Wallops Island: for outstanding execution of her senior duties while double hatted as the NAVSEA Wallops Island Activity Chief Information Officer and the Command Information Assurance Manager. Latham was an architect of the Research, Development, Test and Evaluation backbone at Wallops Island, which allows 12 Combat Information Centers and associated computer rooms between AEGIS and Ship Self Defense System to be connected in multiple configurations to support interoperability efforts. Her efforts led to a significant improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization in delivering its mission.

Mike Knight, Program Manager, Navy's Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program, Navy Cyber Forces: for his superior performance and unwavering commitment to excellence while serving as Navy Information Assurance (IA) Workforce Improvement Program manager. Knight was invaluable in developing a plan and articulating the Navy's vision of building a competent Cybersecurity/IA workforce for the future.

LCDR Michael Leachman, Information Assurance Manager, Commander Navy Reserve Force: for his superior leadership and technical contribution in planning and executing the Navy Reserve Legacy Network Systems Transition and Shutdown 18 months ahead of schedule. Leachman led a team in the successful transition of 102 mission critical SIPRNET sites, 40 DEERS\RAPIDS sites, the DNS and applications from the legacy Navy Reserve Network with no loss of mission capability. The result is a savings of $1.2 million annually and cost avoidance for network and data center hardware of more than $35 million across the Future Year Defense Plan.

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