Publically Accessible Website Privacy Resources (including Official DON Social Networking Sites)

By DON CIO Privacy Team - Published, April 10, 2012

The World Wide Web is specifically designed to be open and accessible to a global audience. While this global accessibility makes the web a powerful public information tool and enhances productivity in the conduct of daily business, it also presents a potential risk to Department of the Navy personnel, assets and operations if inappropriate information is published on DON websites. Threats to the security of Navy and Marine Corps operations and the safety of DON personnel and their families come in the form of attacks on computer systems, terrorist attacks on units or personnel, and identity theft. The need to provide public information to the Navy's and Marine Corps' various audiences must be balanced with the need to protect operational security, privacy of information, information security and personal safety.

The following resources are intended to supplement SECNAVINST 5720.44C: "Department of the Navy Public Affairs Policy and Regulations," which includes a section on the internet.

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