2010 DON IM/IT Award Winners Honored

Published, February 3, 2010

Three individuals and five project teams were honored at the DON Information Technology Conference in San Diego this week for their outstanding contributions toward transforming the Navy and Marine Corps through information technology.

The following teams and individuals were recognized during an awards ceremony, Feb. 2, 2010, by Rob Carey, Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer; Jim Craft, Deputy Director, C4, Headquarters Marine Corps; and Joyce Dawkins, Head, Information Architecture Branch, Assurance and Compliance Directorate, N2/N6.

Cyber Asset Reduction and Security Task Force

During the past year, the Cyber Asset Reduction and Security (CARS) Task Force has delivered a common, well-defended infrastructure, implemented several enterprise security solutions, and provided unprecedented visibility into IT inventories, expenditures and operational capabilities across the Navy. By rapidly migrating legacy infrastructure to enterprise networks, instituting a rigorous excepted network approval process, and enforcing Navy-wide, enterprise consolidation, excess capacity was eliminated, security posture was improved, and the Navy is better positioned to attain the vision of the Naval Networking Environment. Through their efforts, the CARS Team heightened the Navy's enterprise IT perspective, dramatically improved network security posture, and made a lasting impact on Navy cyber readiness.

The team includes: Mukesh Barot, Allen Blackburn, CWO2 Alan Bollinger, Clifford Bussey, CWO4 Michael Clark, PS1 Dawn Demacos, Huey Dennis, Mary Lou Hoffert, Charles Kiriakou, Brian Koman, Neal Miller, Byron Parker, LCDR Travis Rauch, Janet Smith, Gibby Sorrell, CAPT Sam Sumwalt and Matthew Swartz.

Tactical Training Group, Pacific Network-Centric Warfare Syndicate

The Tactical Training Group, Pacific Network-Centric Warfare (NCW) Syndicate made significant improvements to the Navy IM/IT workforce by training more than 600 personnel on knowledge and information management. Additionally, their development of the Post Deployment Interview Process has directly improved the readiness of deploying Strike groups by allowing the quick collection and turnaround of lessons learned. The NCW team also conducted in-depth mentoring and evaluation of five Strike Groups in 2009, directly enhancing the warfighting readiness of Pacific Fleet Strike Groups.

The team includes: Jill Robertson, Dennis Schulz, Chris Simpson, Tim Snyder and LTJG Jeffrey White.

Commander Navy Installations Command Security Assessment Team

The Commander Navy Installations Command Security Assessment Team (CNIC SAT) was instrumental in developing and implementing an innovative approach to information assurance compliance. The CNIC SAT has been able to work with our IA workforce and management to reduce potential security vulnerabilities, develop lessons learned and best practices, and achieve external compliance verification for CNIC networks, servers and systems. Their innovative approach, technical knowledge, and commitment to excellence have changed the way we ensure a high standard of, and continually improve, information security across the Navy.

The team includes: Robert Diestel, Andrew Erne, Steven Farmer, Carol Lee, Denise Madison, Gail McGilvary, Terry Merz, Brett Osborne, Raymond Reese and Timothy Rogers.


The OPNAV CIO Team conducted operations, maintenance and technical upgrades for the entire OPNAV staff consisting of more than 3,000 personnel. As a result, significant cost savings were achieved for both information technology and information management. Their diligence in the area of information assurance has ensured 100 percent compliance with Federal Information Security Management Act mandates. The team has conducted several high visibility projects within OPNAV such as PKI implementation, which requires 100 percent common access card authentication from all network users; blade server stand-up, which replaces obsolete hardware on the SIPRnet; and E-form Paperless Initiative, which leverages Adobe products to employ digital signatures.

The team includes: Mark Bowers, CWO2 Jacqueline Clifton, CDR Randy Darrow, Jonathan Gerard, ET1 Joshua Hansell, Ryan Johnson, Wanda Joynes, Denise Morales, Julius Pfeifle, Robert Przydzial, Kenneth Robertson, LCDR Albert Seeman and Kevin Young.

Naval Supply Systems Command Network/Server Consolidation Team

The Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Network/Server Consolidation Team has achieved significant results in streamlining and reducing the Navy's legacy network and server infrastructure. Their actions resulted in a 90 percent reduction in NAVSUP's legacy network footprint (from 30 to two networks) and a 70 percent reduction in the legacy server footprint (from 716 to 218 servers).

The team includes: Dan Aparis, Lynn Briggs, Mark Estes, Linda Gardner, Tennille Good, CDR Tom Graebner, Vicki Hardy, Tom Heasley, Amanda Johnson, Bob Park, Brian Pontius, Shannon Rothermel, Laurie Shugrue, Gary Steele, Frank Swallow, Lila Tonsic, Pam Wenner and Brian Zirbel.

Len Blasiol, Director of MAGTF Integration, Combat Development Directorate, Marine Corps Combat Development Command

Len Blasiol is recognized for his strategic visionary leadership in the transformation of operational processes by leveraging technology to optimize more efficient knowledge transfer in support of U.S. Marine Corps mission goals. He has demonstrated a willingness to evaluate shifting technological advancements; learn their capabilities and limitations; and translate those advances that show potential into innovative paradigm shifts such as agile commands and decentralized intelligence. His efforts have demonstrated significant improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of his organization to accomplish its mission. These efforts have also improved the strategic use of knowledge in support of decision-making and accelerated mission task accomplishments. Blasiol continues to provide critical visionary leadership to the U.S. Marine Corps.

Theresa Reed, Navy Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation

While serving as Data Management Lead for Naval Supply Systems Command's (NAVSUP) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Single Supply Solution implementation, Theresa Reed ensured the successful migration of NAVSUP's legacy master data and transaction data from the old, disparate systems into the new Navy ERP solution. Reed led one of the major critical areas for any successful ERP implementation -– data management. Her team has loaded more than 85 million data elements with an accuracy exceeding 98 percent -- a truly impressive statistic. Navy ERP is a transformational event and Reed's dedication and hard work are critical to its success.

Paul Skopowski, Deputy Plans Officer, Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Center

Skopowski is responsible for the planning, synchronization and effective delivery of new and improved capabilities that satisfy enterprise level operational and technical requirements directly impacting the Marine Corps Network Operation and Security Center's (MCNOSC) mission. He demonstrated superior leadership, managerial skills, technical acumen, and forward-thinking ingenuity by guiding multiple working groups chartered to project future Marine Corps Enterprise Network needs at the Command, Service, Department of Navy, and Global Information Grid levels.

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