Authorized Telework Capabilities and Guidance

DoD CIO Memo - Publish Date: 04/13/20

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Department of Defense Chief Information Officer has engaged in a number of initiatives to enhance the telework capabilities of the Department. We continue to field questions from components and have identified a number of areas where clarification is needed.

In support of expanded telework requirements, DoD Components should first look to leverage approved DoD Enterprise Collaboration Capabilities, which are already approved for use by all DoD users. If these capabilities do not meet the Component needs, components are authorized to approve use of commercial cloud services which have been issued a DoD Provisional Authorization. Components must continue to abide by all DoD policies regarding telework capabilities and the u~e of cloud services, reinforce Operations Security (OPSEC) and ensure compliance with the level of sensitivity of data approved for these services. If neither of these options are sufficient, Components must submit requirements for approval by DoD CIO and USCYBERCOM.

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